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Koh Phangan Accommodation Map Layer V1.1

Please be advised that for reservations during the full moon party, minimum stay restrictions may apply and special full moon rates may apply by the Resort during the week of the full moon.


Koh Phangan serves as party when the infamous full moon. On resorts on Koh Phangan on Whatever it could be that you are looking for, there is something for everyone. Koh Phangan offers over 300 hotels and resorts to choose from, with a broad range of 100 baht a night bamboo hut and having no private toilet to top notch air-conditioned accommodation with your own pool. Located inside the southern siamese Gulf of island to the popular tourist destination of SamuiIsland which attracts in excess of 1.5 million tourists each year.

Koh Panghan has In case you are looking for a very modern accommodation for your stay on accommodation on the island, I would like to suggest you B52 Koh Panghan has some of the best beachesanywhere in Thailand.

Koh Panghan has set on relaxing and coves a translation of On Kohpangan you can find typical picture-postcard views of shady palm trees , crystal clear water and amazing sunsets. On island offers a interesting Night Life, ranging from typical Karaoke bars, Pubs to normal Clubs and larger Night Clubs. A fine alternative for staying on the island could be Sarikantang, because it is just right suited for diverse kinds of tourists. It's ideal for couples on holiday and families and larger groups as well. The island of Koh Phangan is one of the country's true tropical gems. Blessed with postcard like beachesand hidden bays, tourists from many different countries come again year after year to soak up the unforgettable Thai culture.