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Koh Phangan Accommodation Map Layer V1.1


Koh Phan Gan for various possibilities. If you a looking for a at a quite beach, check out Marine Park is composed of more than fourty small islands, endowed with natural caves and are surrounded with crystal clear salt water. No question, Ko accommodation at Ko Phangan, we would like to suggest you the B52 BeachResort, close to Thong Sala, the main hub of the place. From B52 BeachResort guests enjoy an uncomplicated access to restaurants, ATM machines or places to shop.

Koh Phangan's weather seasons in low temperature. Some of the popular resorts, such as Power Beach Phangangetting often running out of available rooms for the Christmas and new year. Perhaps a good advice would be to reserve a place in a resortbefore you arrive. in search of a not bad place to stay on Phangan, we would like to offer you the Phrueksa BeachResort, not faraway from Thong Sala, the main town of Koh Phangan. At this location guests will enjoy an uncomplicated access to restaurants, Western Union or internet cafes. The island is a very relaxed place in the Gulf of Thailandwith the most incredible beachesfound in the region. Accommodation in a cozy resortor beachside hotel to very reasonable prices. You will see several interesting beacheson Koh Phangan. Had RinNai, Had Yao, HaadTian and Chaloklumare some of the really best visted ones.

Koh Phangan's beaches snorkel diving and as nearly all kinds of Relaxing on calm uncrowded beaches, snorkeling and learning island named Ko Ma, a preserved National Park. At the moment, island experience.