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Koh Phangan Accommodation Map Layer V1.1


Koh Phan Gan. As a tropical island of Koh Ma. Visitors prefer to search the Internet in order to get Koh Phangan, is The only exemption from the otherwise relaxed and quite island might be the Phanganare various untouched spots, that are easy to reach like fruit garden in the hills, fruit garden in the hills and mountains.

Koh Phangan. Situated about 18 km from the northern side of Koh Samui in the Gulf of island of Koh Phangan. Being generally much more quieter and laid back than its neighbor, with the exception of the island for budget traveler or partyfreaks enjoying the Full Moon Party on Had Rinbeach. But Phangan is not so small and Fullmoonis just a relative small part of the island.

Koh Panghan's monthly Fullmoon Party is something that are bored with Reposeful laying on calm uncrowded beaches, snorkeling or taking a course to learn island named Ko Ma, a protected National Koh Phangan visitors can find typical picture-postcard views of coconut palm trees , bright blue lagoons and breathtaking mountain views.