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Koh Phangan Accommodation Map Layer V1.1


Koh Samui. There are a lot really options for Koh Phangan, is

Koh Phangan has also quieter and unless consider yourself a not Phanganwas considered a backpackers destination, but since quite a time a more mixed range of guests visits the island. One thing many of tourists have in common, they want to search a relaxed and easy going place. One exemption could be the Fullmoon party when the beachchanges into a dancefloor. One exemption from the otherwise relaxing and quite island is the Fullmoon partywhen Haad Rin East Side transforms into a dance floor made of sand. If you don't want to participate or even listen to the music, don't worry on Koh Phangan are a lot nice beaches, that are easy to reach like mountains, mountains and fruit garden in the hills. Situated in the Gulf of Thailand Koh Pha-ngan is the next island to the World renowned tourist destination of SamuiIsland that more than one million tourists each year. For many people FullMoon Partyis one of the local events on the island. Sometimes up to 15.0000 party hungry visitors traveling to Koh Pha Ngan every month to enjoy the famous Fullmoon.

Koh Phangan. At the moment, Koh Phangan was considered a backpackers destination, by now a different type and a mixed range of guests arrives here. One thing most of visitors have in common, tourists want to look out for a nice and easy going place. One exemption could be the island for the infamous full moon on the east side beach of HaadRin.